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The classic guitar lounge....relax and check out the pictures

Here are my other current guitars with descriptions.Relax and enjoy! Bill


Late 50's or early 60's Kay model 1962 value leader.


This is a guitar of unknown origin...Im guessing maybe a Silvertone, or a Teisco. Body has been refinished to natural.I'm guessing it was a sunburst. The body is bound maple, original pickups, Im guessing the original tailpiece was a trapeze style, which has been replaced with a stoptail. Im trying to find out the model so I can convert it back.


This is an unknown late sixties-early seventies telecaster style guitar from Japan. Im guessing either fujigen or matsumoko made. All original, missing ashtray{of course}, nicely yellowed wtih age, original colour was closer to cream. Nice player, bolt on neck. Dependable!

I will be adding more guitars as I get them photographed. I will also be adding a group of guitars that are no longer with me. Thanks for visiting our site.