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We Buy & Sell Vintage Guitars from around the world

Jam out to anything you want when you buy one of my vintage guitars.
Choose from some of the most well-known name brand manufacturers in the world all in one place.
At Oncevlectrum Undervlectrum, let your music soar.

We’ll Sell & Buy Vintage Guitars

As a connoisseur of vintage guitars, I know a quality instrument when I see one. Visit my website today and find just what you’ve been searching for. Looking to sell your own set? Contact me through email with pictures and an inquiry and within 24 hours, I’ll send you a quote free of charge. 

Our Selection of Vintage Amps & Guitars

Browse through my vast collection of vintage guitars and amps ranging from places like the U.S., Europe, and Japan. Your sessions just got a lot more interesting after you buy world-famous name-brand guitars and antique amps from the best site.

Name-brand manufacturers we buy/sell:

  • Ibanez
  • Greco
  • All Japanese Vintage Brands

  • All American Vintage Brands

  • All European Vintage Brands

Guitar Part Replacements

The older an instrument gets, the more likely you’ll have to replace its parts.
But what happens when you need guitar parts for an older model?
Sounds like you need someone that specializes in vintage guitars.
For the replacement parts you can’t find anywhere else, come to Oncevlectrum Undervlectrum today.

Visit Our Site Today!

If you want to up your guitar collection or just looking for spare parts, then check out Oncevlectrum Undervlectrum. 
I guarantee you'll find a vintage guitar or amp you’re sure to love.
Visit our site or contact me to buy or sell a sweet instrument today.

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